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Artemis and I graduated from Starmark Academy in Hutto, Texas in the Summer of 2014 from there we built a dog training company helping dogs adjust to city living. Her favorite work is with puppies, but she is a eager volunteer for all dogs even those who need work on social skills!

I love spending time showing dogs ways to earn cuddles, treats, and playtimes. These "earning" methods work best for stubborn and independent breeds. They also make training an enjoyable and enriching experience. I'm available by text for all my clients for any questions. I'm happy to guide and advise you and your dog to success.





basic training

  • personality evaluations

This is the prerequisite to any training. I will create a profile for your dog that includes all information I will need to take into account when training your dog. This will also give your dog a chance to get to know me so we have gotten past the introduction once training begins. 

  • puppy Training

Puppies as young as 8 weeks can and should begin training to get a head start on strong communication, pack leadership, and potty training. We will cover ways to prevent unwanted puppy cliches such as chewing, barking, jumping and other inappropriate behaviors. We will prevent bad behaviors using the basics of obedience. More info here

  • Adult dog training

Adult dog training can cover public manners and on-leash obedience. The basics are always emphasized (sit, down, walk etiquette) along with the place command that is useful in any situation. I find it very important that every dog comes when called, so recall is always taught. More info here

  • advanced group classes

The next step in training once dogs have completed 5 basic obedience classes or shown exceptional progress. In Advanced classes the dogs are prepared to learn and engage β€œoff-leash” as they win games and master new tricks. Obedience is strengthened through agility, scent work, and fun exercises.

specialty training

  • field & sport

We work on remote collar training, gun conditioning, scent detection and retrieving. Having multiple hands will improve the quality and reliability of your dog's instincts.

  • home guarding & protection

Offered privately in the home only. Includes the bark & hold command, quiet command, and techniques of powerful dog control. Attack commands are not taught.

  • AKC CGC & S.T.A.R

Offered privately only at WCVC or in your own home. This title is the prerequisite to therapy dog certifications and allows greater freedom of where you can take your dog as he knows exceptional public manners.advanced group classes

  • beHAVIORAL rehabilitation

If your dog is showing any signs of aggression or anxieties, I will have recommended some rehab for your dog. This can be done at the Vet Center or in your home. Behavioral issues may take longer to train than basic obedience so 5 - 1o lessons may be required depending on the severity of your dog's moods.

  • play & Train | Board & Train

Offered at the Watford City Vet Center only. Your dog will get the highest quality training without you having to stress about scheduling or timing. Drop your doggie off for the day or allow him to stay overnight. Your dog will get hours of private attention and training each dayAdvanced group classes





Small dog group classes

  • includes puppies & adults or advanced classes

  • Watford City Veterinary Center on Mondays (advanced) & Thursdays

  • Pricing covers 5 classes


Large dog classes

  • includes puppies & adults or advanced classes

  • Watford City Veterinary Center on Wednesdays & Fridays (advanced)

  • Pricing covers 5 classes




Private obedience

  • Takes place at Watford City Veterinary Center for 1 hr

  • Available Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm

  • Covers up to 3 dogs in a household


in-home private obedience

  • In client's home for 90 minutes

  • Can serve surrounding towns up to 90 minutes from Watford City.

  • Available Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm




Train & Play

  • Includes Board & Train

  • Takes place at Watford City Veterinary Center.

  • Available Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm



  • 35 pricing at the Watford City Veterinary Center.

  • 50 pricing at the client's home

  • Can serve surrounding towns up to 90 minutes from Watford City




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